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350 rooms and boxes to serve the "Jump Saudi" horses.

December, 16 2022
Jump Saudi Riyadh

350 rooms and boxes to serve the "Jump Saudi" horses.

The stables at the "Jumping Saudi Arabia" headquarters can accommodate 310 horses. They are divided into three sections during the hosting of any tournament. European horses have 50 rooms and 50 boxes, horses from the Middle East and the Gulf countries have 50 rooms, and 160 rooms for local horses are monitored around the clock, and it is prohibited to mix them. According to Abdulrahman Al-Wathinani, the stables manager at the Equestrian Sports Company for Events,

regarding the procedures for entering and leaving the stables for European horses, Al-Wathinani said, "There are procedures for European horses that must be adhered to for the safety of horses and other horses participating in the tournament, including quarantine procedures and their proper papers."

He added, "The stables are sterilized every 12 hours and we are keen to measure the temperature of the horses, while each rider and his assistants determine the daily training times."

Al-Wathinani went on, "We calculate the number of participating horses and choose the appropriate rooms for each horse, where suitable food, hay, and all horse equipment are prepared."

Al-Wathinani revealed, "The riders are allowed to enter the stable from six in the morning until 11:30 at night, after which the doors are closed, and there is a referee from the Saudi Equestrian Federation, who monitors the horses and the stables, and there are surveillance cameras in the stables that record everything that happens for the safety of the horses."

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