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Jump Saudi Headquarters - Jump for Glory

December, 08 2022
Jump Saudi Riyadh

Jump Saudi Headquarters - Jump for Glory

The "Jump Saudi" headquarters in Janadriyah, which was designed according to international specifications and standards, is the first brand of the Saudi Equestrian Events Company and of the Saudi Equestrian Federation, which saw the light in late November last year, as it was implemented within a record time of 18 days.

The Riyadh tours "two championships" was the first competition that the field hosted and the tournaments that followed were: the first edition of the Jump Saudi Championship "two championships", the Riyadh tours "two championships" the National Day Cup, the International Jahez International "two championships", and the Ministry of Sports Cup in addition to the second edition of the Jump Saudi Championship, "two championships"

The headquarters includes the main arena, the open and closed warm-up arena with special floors that conform to international standards, which are implemented by the British Martin Collage company accredited by the International Equestrian Federation, in addition to barriers placed according to international standards and in specific colors with incorporated designs of Saudi heritage and culture including four lighting poles as per international standards.

The main field on which the competitions are held also includes a grandstand that can accommodate 1,400 spectators, in addition to a special VIP section to host 250 people.

In the headquarters, there are four high-resolution display screens and a high-quality external audio system, to calculate the time including the breaks, and to announce the winners and prizes.

It also includes a raised platform referee's room equipped with the latest technology and equipment necessary for referees, in addition to a specialized medical team equipped with an ambulance for emergency cases and injuries for riders while a veterinary medical staff is available to treat horses and is equipped with a dedicated ambulance equipped with the latest medical equipment in the field.

The headquarters includes an event village that can accommodate 3,000 visitors and contains several restaurants, about 10 to 12 corners for local brands, and a Roman-style open theater that hosts approximately 800 people in addition to public facilities and a mosque.

November 20, 2022
It all begins at Diriyah
December 16, 2022
350 rooms and boxes to serve the "Jump Saudi" horses.