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February 16-18, 2023
The Riyadh International Championship

 with its international classification CSI2 *, is the first show jumping championship in equestrian sport to be held in an indoor hall in the Kingdom, at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, in preparation for the 2024 Show Jumping & Dressage World Cup.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has harnessed all its efforts for an unforgettable and distinguished edition.

Since the moment announcing its winning of hosting in November 2019, it has begun to develop the infrastructure. It is the first Arab country to host the Show Jumping and Dressage World Cup, and the second Asian country after Malaysia in 2006.

The Riyadh International Exhibition and Convention Center will be host to the largest equestrian sport event in the world,

as the tournament will be held in the middle of the exhibition grounds in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. This marks it as the first tournament held in an indoor arena amidst this enthusiastic and distinctive environment.