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October 20-22, 2022
Diriyah will be host to the Longines Global Champions Tour for the first time

All eyes will turn towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the final round of the Longines Show Jumping Championship, taking place in Riyadh at the Diriyah Governate, the historical and cultural heart of the kingdom.

Precision, strength, and elegance merged in one stunning tournament, the final round of the Longines World Championship brings together some of the most elite equestrian champions including Olympians and world champions, contesting for the top spot on the podium.

All this and so much more to experience

 In this luxurious, and sophisticated event filled with the aroma of Arabian hospitality for our guests and champions at one of the most spectacular places in Riyadh, the historic Diriyah.

With the presence of many great champions in one place

Such as Ben Maher, Pieter Devos, and Christian Ahlmann, the excitement and enthusiasm of competition have never been so intense. This season surpasses all expectations as the spirit of competition and sportsmanship is showcased as these glorious contestants captivate us with their performances.